FOX Furthers a Fiction while Attacking a Christian Man

   I am 57 years old. I have never witnessed such a vicious political attack upon a man as was unleashed against Republican-nominee for U. S. Senate Roy Moore. The only thing that ever came close was how Pat Buchanan was ganged up on back in 1996 during his presidential bid. 

   Like with Buchanan, Moore was attacked from all sides — by both the left and the right; by both the Republican Establishment and the Democrats; by both the liberal talking-heads and the conservative talking-heads. 

   Yes, Trump was attacked from all sides during his bid for president also, but compared to the ruthless assault on Moore, it was a squall; the attack on Moore was a tsunami.

That Moore has stood resolute during it all speaks volumes about his character.

   The motive behind the attack is found in Mitch McConnell. 

   Most do not realize McConnell is fighting for his political life — and Moore is at the center of it. McConnell sent 10 million dollars into Alabama to try and defeat Moore in the September 26th primary. But Moore won. 

   Countless news stories were published prior to the primary and subsequent to it declaring McConnell’s political doom if Moore were to win the senate seat. This is why McConnell was in front of national tv cameras just 30 min ...

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