The Great Commission

   We study History so we might learn from our mistakes. The Bible itself is loaded with historical examples that are intended to be warnings for us.  One serious mistake is the misuse of the Great Commission and the perversion of it’s original intent. Historically, the Great Commission has been a huge part of Christianity.  According to  Biblical scholars, it is probably the most important command of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, or at least one of the most well known. It starts with Jesus saying, “Go Ye therefore into all the world.”  It was indeed a motivating factor for the Pilgrims as they landed on American soil.  Don’t take my word for it, Google the Mayflower Compact and see for yourself.

   If you look around at Religion today, you would have to conclude that the Great Commission went something like this:

   “Go Ye therefore into all the world and build great buildings. Call them ‘Churches’ and put one man in charge of each building. Give him all power to make sure that nothing happens without his permission.  That man in charge shall be called, ‘Pastor,’ ‘Priest,’ ‘Pope,’ ‘Reverend,’ ‘Rabbi,’ ‘Vicar.’ etc. Let that man teach that his Church is the only one that understands the Gospel and he shall work hard to keep his ‘flock’ from being ‘conta ...

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