Spiritual Leadership

   It is a missing element in the majority of marriages…including those in a Christian context. It is a vital key to success…or, in its absence -- a warning sign of trouble ahead.  It is a topic that is rarely addressed by the couple before pre-marriage counseling…or after the wedding.

   What I am talking about is the lack of spiritual leadership by men in marriage. In the nine marriages I officiated over this last year, it was evident in most -- as portrayed by the following --

• Lack of understanding of the Bible…little, to no current use of it.

• Limited church attendance…or interest in church.

• An awkwardness in talking about spiritual issues.

• No clear understanding of what is meant to be a spiritual leader.

• Comfortable with these realities.

   Connected to this dynamic is a sad commentary. Here are men who will share before God, and assembled witnesses, that they are willing to center their marriage on Christ, and His goals for their marriage…yet appear to have very little concern over what they are committing themselves to through their vows.

   The outcome is also disconcerting.  These are men who are unlikely to move forward spiritually after the wedding (though many wives live in the illusion that this will take place.)  As ...

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