How Christians Should Make Legal Decisions In Uncertain Times

   As we begin 2018, many Christian individuals and families are seeking to take stock of their legal and business affairs to continue to responsibly manage the time, talents and treasures entrusted to them by God.  Now more than ever, however, an uncertain political, tax and economic future is likely to cause anxiety for many.  In an effort to reduce that anxiety with the truths of Scripture, here are four things for Christians to keep in mind while reviewing their affairs.

   Don’t Fall Into “The Paralysis of Analysis.”  Proverbs 26:13 tells readers that “A sluggard says ‘There’s a lion in the road!’”  In other words, being overcome with the concerns of this life can cause the foolish to freeze up and do nothing at all.  Christians have clear guidance in Scripture to assist us in making decisions, and we are expected to make them, so be sure not to fall into the trap of doing nothing as a result of fear.

   Do Seek the Wisdom of Advisors.  Proverbs 15:22 reminds readers that many advisors allow our plans to succeed.  With as many questions as the current times present, it is now more important than ever for Christians to find wise advisors to assist with the treasures we are to be stewarding.  This means financial advisors, legal advisors, and spiritual advisors, ideally through the local church ...

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