'Social Constructs' -- Truth or Fiction?

   Ever heard the term “social construct?”  I suspect lots of people hear the term but aren’t really sure what it means. The first time I ran into it overtly was in a public forum several years ago.

    I had been asked to be on a panel to talk about adoption and in particular adoption by same-sex couples. I was the only panelist, of course, holding the position that what is best for children is to be brought up in the home of their married male dad and female mom, whether the children are biological or adopted.

   As you can imagine, I wasn’t very popular that night since the crowd was roughly 90% rabidly liberal.  As I was making a point about males and females parenting differently and that the difference is important in the rearing of children, a young obviously African-American and obviously female attendee glared at me and said, “Anyone with any intelligence knows that race and gender are just social constructs.”

   To be honest, I had to work to not say what was really in my mind, which went something like this, “You think I’m the one without intelligence here tonight?  Really?  I’m looking at you and reality tells me you are a black woman — and you are telling me what I’m seeing is really just what I want to see or what society has told me I’m seeing?  I assure you, I’m not the o ...

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