Are the Revisionists Winning?

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   It sure does look that way.  Another big victory for the revisionists recently happened in Christ Church, Alexandria Virginia, the Church that George Washington helped to found, and attended for about 20 years.  There has been a plaque in that Church, proudly displaying his name as part of this historical building.  Well, that plaque is gone now and so is the teaching of Biblical truth.  The reason given for this travesty is that George Washington has become so controversial that his memorial plaque is chasing away would-be parishioners, as reported by the Washington Times.

   Christ Church is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, USA.  That denomination has given itself over to a “Mother Earth” doctrine that preaches tolerance and inclusiveness for everything — except traditional Biblical Christianity.  Ironically they are so “inclusive” that they have an all-female staff of four “Pastors.”  One of them, the Rev. Ann Gillespie, is a former Hollywood actress who recently closed a sermon with a new version of the Apostles’ Creed.  According to an article by Leo Hohmann in Whistleblower magazine, it starts out, “I believe in God, the Mother Bear, source of all being,” and refers to the Virgin Mary as “the bad ass womanist liberation theologian, Mary.”

   Apparently this “creed” was concocted by a lesbian woman named Sarah Moon from a Methodist Church in Toledo Ohio.  Moon declared in a September 2014 blog post that she could not bear to recite the Apostles’  Creed so she came up with her own “Womanist Apostles Creed.”

   So how in the world did George Washington get to be so controversial?  It did not happen overnight.  Revisionists gradually infiltrated schools at every level, and the Government at every level and obviously also infiltrated Churches.  Some of us are old enough to remember that History taught that some of our founding fathers did indeed own slaves.  It was at a time when slavery was an accepted practice through most of the world.  The  men who fought to establish a brave new country with unprecedented individual freedom, knew that they could not win without the Southern colonies, so they had to leave slavery intact.  BUT they wrote the Constitution in such a way that it could eventually  be abolished.  It was not an easy task, but courageous Americans, led by courageous Christians, got the job done.

   Now revisionists have twisted history to the point where our founding fathers, including George Washington himself, have become so “controversial” that his name is being slandered and removed from just about everything.  Instead of honoring Washington, Jefferson and others who risked everything to establish the country that eventually abolished slavery, revisionist try to make them out to be evil selfish, racist people.

   How did it happen?  Well, my last WCN column was entitled, “The Great Commission” and the publisher printed a picture of the cowardly lion, and that probably says it all.  Our cowardly attitude towards all that Christ commanded us to do, as stated in the Great Commission is the root cause of our  social turmoil. But as we have often stated in this publication, there is a remnant of courageous Christians who take the entirety of the Great Commission VERY seriously.  Some well known leaders of that remnant will be featured in this year’s WCN Ministry Expo and Conference (see Pages 3 and 48). The theme is “Courageous Christianity” and anyone who cares at all should make every effort to be there.  The “Cowardly Lions” will probably not show up, but are certainly  welcome.  Might learn a thing or two. And let us keep in mind that the Bible in Revelation 21:8 lists some deadly sins, and “the cowardly” is the very first one on the list.

   The WCN Expo this year is at the Marshfield Mall and promises to be truly great. It will happen March 9-10 starting 6 p.m. Friday.  Visitors are also encouraged to visit the WCN Ministry Center at 327 S. Central Avenue in downtown Marshfield.  The Center has been open since mid summer with remarkable results.  Probably the most encouraging is the spirit of the place.  It is filled with genuine Christian love and fellowship and a genuine desire to be salt and light in the world, as commanded by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The Ministry is grateful for your prayers and support.

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