Christians Have Historically Been Courageous

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   Throughout history, true Christians showed tremendous courage.  All of the original Apostles faced much abuse, including beatings, stoning, and eventually death, but steadfastly refused to obey the laws of man— choosing instead to follow the laws of God.  

   Fast forward to American History and we find much of the same.  Courageous Christians led the fight against the tyranny of the most powerful nation in the world at that time and established a Nation under God.  It’s in our pledge of allegiance, on our currency and many references to the God of the Bible exist in our Nations’ capitol and all founding documents.  Christians also led the fight against the evils of slavery, segregation and “Jim Crow” laws.  

   When America was threatened  by two extremely evil and powerful forces, we once again overcame tremendous difficulties and ultimately prevailed to win the Second World War. There is no question about it.  Americans at that time did, indeed, trust in the God of the Bible. “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.”   History proves this to be absolutely true.  Going back thousands of years, we see that if a Nation is true to the laws of God, they prosper and live in peace.  When they fall away and trust only in themselves, disaster comes.  EVERY time.

   So as we hear endless talk on the secular “news” as to what can be done about the mayhem in our streets, and in our schools and everywhere else, it is all talk and nothing gets better. That’s because the media and most of those in authority at every level have pretty much abandoned the laws of God and in fact, vigorously fight against those laws. They have succeeded in kicking God out of the schools, out of our History, out of most public discourse and sadly, in way too many cases, out of the Churches.  We have become a Godless society. This is not my opinion, but the words of Jesus Christ Himself.  He said, “If anyone says he loves Me and keeps NOT My commandments, he is a LIAR.”  1 John 3:18. 

   Thankfully, not all Christians or all churches fall into the category of the cowardly.  We saw clear evidence of that at the Wisconsin Christian News Ministry Expo and Conference at the Marshfield Mall, March 9th and 10th.  If you were there, you know what I mean and if you were not, it is hard to explain. There was a lineup of VERY courageous Christian speakers and their presentations were very well attended and their messages were enthusiastically received.  

   This tells us that people are searching for courageous leaders, but one speaker turned the tables on us and challenged us to be courageous followers!  Don’t blame it all on the Pastors. We can no longer be content to “play church” by going once or maybe twice a week, sing when we are told to sing, sit when told to sit, stand when told to stand, listen quietly to the sermon, then go home and do nothing until next Sunday.  Search the Scriptures for the rest of your life and you will not find anything to back up this kind of “Christianity.”  Yes, we are told to gather together, sing and pray, teach and preach, but just as importantly we are to “encourage one another to do good deeds so that the world will know that we are His disciples.”

   Church attendees hear about the birth of Christ and His death and resurrection, and this is good.  Jesus was born and died for us but he also LIVED for us!!  While He was here on earth He gave us the blueprint for life on this earth and nowhere did He ever say that we should sit quietly and wait for His second coming.  He taught exactly the opposite.  We are to do good in this world.  Feed the hungry, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, fight for the oppressed, be a father to the fatherless, visit the sick and the prisoners, etc.  Jesus summed it up nicely when He said, “If you do it for the least of these you have done it unto Me.”  Coach Dave likes to sum it up by saying that we must fight until the last whistle blows, and that is also a very Biblical attitude.

   So the WCN Expo and Conference  was an incredible encouragement for all who attended, but just listening is not enough.  At the WCN Ministry Center, we are trying hard to follow the commands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with special emphasis on His command to be salt and light in the world.  We are actually a chapter of the Salt and Light Brigade, and it says so on the sign above our door.  But we need your help.  This is a place where you are encouraged to use the gifts that God gave you.  We need to have you stop in and talk things over.  Perhaps you have a need that we can help with or you have a gift or talent that can be put to use through the Center.  We have Bible studies here, special speakers and seminars and field trips planned to take the Word to the streets!  We also have people who do free educational movies every Friday night at 7 p.m.  And plans for jail ministries and ministry to troubled teens are in the works now.

   Check the WCN website or the printed paper for scheduled events.  Possibilities for Ministry are endless and your participation is most welcome.

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