Our 'Reasonable Service' is Not Comfort

   Today’s message may not be very popular.  But it is time to call things like they are.  First, a disclaimer, what I am about to say does not apply to EVERY pastor and EVERY church.  But I believe any thinking person must agree that it most certainly DOES APPLY  to MOST.  Yes, the VAST MAJORITY, ... of pastors and churches... and professing Christians.
   First, a few questions:  why is our nation under such outrageous confusion and demonic delusion?  Why is it that so many of our children cannot even say for sure whether they are male or female — and the parents are now encouraging them to “explore and experiment” with their sexuality, some even at preschool age?  Why do these same parents take their young kids to sodomite “pride” parades and “drag queen story time” at the local library to gleefully celebrate “diversity?” 
   Why today, with all the modern science and technology we have, do so many STILL refuse to acknowledge that a baby in the womb is a real living human being — a CHILD?  And why do we ignore these MILLIONS of HUMAN BABIES who are murdered legally EVERY SINGLE DAY for MONEY, while claiming to be so concerned for the victims of  school shootings?  Why do we not simply put an IMMEDIATE END to this holocaust, if we really ARE a compassiona ...

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