We've Lost our Moral Compass

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Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   Another mass school shooting.  How sad.  We’ve sure come a “long way” since I was in our one-room school in the country, with one front door, one back, one outhouse in back, and one teacher.  Some of the boys carried a B-B gun or shotgun to school, so they could hunt along the way back home.  No problems.

   What has changed?  Well, schools are now “gun-free zones.”  And we have an irrational fear of guns by some.  All our politicians, movie stars, over-paid sports figures — are all protected by gun-carrying bodyguards.  Why not schools?

   What I see as the number one impact is the internet.   It’s a great tool for finding information — but there are also sites for porn, bomb-making, guns, and things my generation never dreamed about.

   Kids with their smart phones can bully anonymously.  Scarey.  Then there’s the Department of Education.  History books have been changed so kids today aren’t learning from first grade on the importance of our country’s history and how we differ from all others.  I have a 1937 encyclopedia set, and a DVD on 400 years of education.  Things are changed, big time.

   Today, we have many socialist and communist sympathizers teaching our kids.  Some “love” the Castro regime.  They teach, but with their own “slant.”  Years ago, we pledged allegiance to the flag proudly, and perhaps said a prayer.  Kids and our troops were given Bibles if they needed them.  Today we can’t utter a word about faith.

   One Eastern college has removed our flag, so as not to appear political.  What??  This is America.  Then, another one in a Christian studies class expelled a senior.  Why?  They were listening to a “transgender” speaker talk about the many “genders” and the student said that biologically there are only two — and he was asked to leave.

   Then, just west of us, a college invited a speaker to talk about the pitfalls of “whiteness.”  (My granddaughter spent a year there).

   So, patriotic, white, Christian Americans are on the chopping block.  We’ve lost our moral compass.  It’s up to you and me to get it back.  My twin grandkids are college-shopping now.  It’s really a challenge to find a good one.

-Esther Niedzwiecki,
Owen, Wis.

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