Does Your Town Have a Militia?

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Editor,  Wisconsin Christian News:

   In the country, God gave us the Constitution of the United States of America as the authority over us.  The second amendment to it states: “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  

   “REGULATE” means: “direct or govern by rule,” “put or keep in good order.”   “MILITIA” means: “a body of citizen soldiers, called out only in emergencies.”  “INFRINGE”  means: “violate; transgress; encroach; trespass.”  “ENCROACH” means: “enter upon the domain of another; trespass; make inroads.”   An inroad is a forcible or insidious encroachment; a raid.  “KEEP” means: “maintain possession or custody of; retain;” “continue or maintain in action or conduct.”  “BEAR” means: “hold up; support; carry; convey; “put up with; accept; endure; sustain; “bring forward; render; “possess; show; exercise.”  

   Law definitions can be seen in Black’s Law Dictionary, or one of the others in your Law library at your courthouse, but don’t let them hide the un-abridged hard copies from you.

   To stop or hamper sane, law abiding, or Godly people from keeping and bearing arms is a violation of Constitutional Law in most, if not all cases.  It also pegs the violator as an enemy of God.  A Godly person is one who is devoted to a bona-fide religion or religious worship.

   Guns or other arms must be used for self-protection; survival; valid and moral sport; survival; to aide others for their protection; and for the security of our country.

   Rocks in proximity of students can be used by them if under attack.  Other ways of protecting students can be metal detectors; monitored cameras; armed teachers and other employees; militia men and women, and if worse comes to worst, monitored fences, or any other valid form of protection.

   It seems to me that it’s an ongoing emergency that schools are attacked anytime and anywhere.  Therefore, a well-trained and equipped militia should be on-site to protect school inhabitants.  They can be paid militia, and/or volunteer militia.

   Do you have a militia as is demanded by our Constitution in your town?  Call your state reps, and your mayor to organize one, the National Guard and local law law enforcement is not enough.  That will also thwart those who want our country destroyed.  Some of their goals are to weaken us militarily, morally, economically, and intellectually.  Some of their tactics are:  false and misleading media information, insufficient school curricula, distractions, and scare tactics all of which infringe upon our Constitutional, and God given rights.

   Get informed; get involved.  Read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution — they are not very long.  Read God’s written Word from the beginning to end.

   You probably know that all have sinned except our Savior.  That means that Donald Trump is just like you and I.  He doesn’t want our country, or our rights destroyed either.

   Become a member of the Christ’s un-named church via Acts 2:14-41.  There is no other way except what God has provided there.

-Dave Stone, Hurley, Wis.

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