Are We Rock Throwers?

   We can all be guilty of throwing rocks at people in the sins that surround abortion, strip clubs and I’ll add public schools — not because going to one is a sin, but because a lot of rocks are being thrown at them.  I am writing about these three issues because I have experienced better ways than pointing out how bad they all are or can be. Rock throwers usually stand at a distance of self righteous judgment, provide no help and frankly are quite useless as living examples of the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone involved. But they throw their rocks under the cloak of “telling the truth” and do so under the Christian label.

  Thirty-four years ago, I volunteered to help an unwed teen by raising her unborn child as my own. I did just that and many other people have also raised children not biologically their own.  I have continually remained a support to our local pregnancy resource center that reaches out to prevent anyone from ever going to an abortion clinic. If we work at stopping the demand, eventually there won’t be abortion clinics. 

   Several years ag, I caught wind that a local man was building and planning to open an adult cabaret, also known as a “strip club.”  It took a lot of effort, but armed with information from over 30 U.S. cities, we got the project held up through county zoning and then pursued to get legislation passed by a city and two to ...

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