Daniel's Uncompromising Life

Complimentary Story
   One of the first persons I want to meet in heaven is Daniel.  The more I read about him, the more fascinating and impacting a person I see.  In Daniel 6, a group of government officials who are serving with Daniel in King Darius the Mede’s kingdom, the “top dogs” in the kingdom want to get rid of Daniel because he was trustworthy and totally not corrupt (verse 4).  He was making them look bad and all he was simply doing was being an obedient servant to God.

   To get rid of Daniel, this group went to King Darius and highly encouraged Darius to sign a decree which basically said that no one could pray to any one or any god (including God) but only to Darius for the next 30 days.  If anyone was caught praying not to Darius, they would be killed by being thrown in the lions’ den.  That stroked Darius’ ego and so he signed the decree.  Why did these men come up with this decree?  They knew Daniel’s routine and his devotion to his God.  He was nailed!

   When Daniel found out about the new decree, what do you think he did?  What would you have done?  Daniel went home to his upstairs room and as he had done so many times previously in his life, he got down on his knees, leaving the shutters open on his window and prayed right in front of the window (verse 10).  By the way, he thanked God in his prayers.  Now the men were waiting, spying on Daniel and because of the decree that was just published, they had Daniel’s death warrant!

   Why did Daniel go pray the day he found out about the decree and pray in front of the window?  Two things Daniel could have done were he could have taken a few days off from his regular praying until things cooled down and then he could have returned to praying without the spies watching.  One other very simple thing he could have done and one I thought of right away, when he did pray, just move back a little so the spies would not have seen him or at least closed the shutters, so no one would know.
   Daniel knew he would get thrown into the lions’ den so simply change up his routine just a bit.  Maybe he was getting in too much of a routine that it was not as fresh as it once was and besides, a little change is good.  Plus changing the routine did not keep him from praying.  He did none of that.  Then he thanked God as he always had.  I would have been tempted to pray complaining to God that it was not fair Darius had issued that decree or that God should bring judgment onto the heads of his accusers.  

   Daniel was a man of integrity and true faithfulness to God.  He never compromised his faith and beliefs even though he served four foreign, heathen kings.  He did not change his standards or compromise because circumstances changed.  Daniel was not ashamed of his God and lived his life representing Jesus to the fullest.  He served God with a clear conscience and was able to live in a world of corruption and not become corrupt himself.  How he lived his life changed how the most powerful kings of that time lived their lives.  

   It was not easy for Daniel to live that way.  It would have been so much easier to fit in and be one of the “guys.”  It would have been easier to compromise his faith — just a little — and not face the lions’ den.

   Godly leaders do the right thing — not things right.  As a young person, you can impact your world for Jesus by being willing and obedient to what the Bible says and having the courage like Daniel to live an uncompromising life.

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