Daniel's Uncompromising Life

   One of the first persons I want to meet in heaven is Daniel.  The more I read about him, the more fascinating and impacting a person I see.  In Daniel 6, a group of government officials who are serving with Daniel in King Darius the Mede’s kingdom, the “top dogs” in the kingdom want to get rid of Daniel because he was trustworthy and totally not corrupt (verse 4).  He was making them look bad and all he was simply doing was being an obedient servant to God.

   To get rid of Daniel, this group went to King Darius and highly encouraged Darius to sign a decree which basically said that no one could pray to any one or any god (including God) but only to Darius for the next 30 days.  If anyone was caught praying not to Darius, they would be killed by being thrown in the lions’ den.  That stroked Darius’ ego and so he signed the decree.  Why did these men come up with this decree?  They knew Daniel’s routine and his devotion to his God.  He was nailed!

   When Daniel found out about the new decree, what do you think he did?  What would you have done?  Daniel went home to his upstairs room and as he had done so many times previously in his life, he got down on his knees, leaving the shutters open on his window and prayed right in front of the window (verse 10).  By the way, he thanked God in his prayers.  Now the men were wait ...

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