Foundations on Sinking Sand

   Today’s children are growing up in a world that most of us parents cannot easily relate to.  Its a world far removed from the ideals of  Mayberry and Leave it to Beaver.  Such television shows of yesteryear portrayed solid families, with solid morals and values.  There was such a thing as absolute truth, absolute right and wrong.  Was the world really ever like that?  Perhaps not, exactly.  But no one can argue that American culture has taken a severe deviation from the course we were on just a generation or two ago.  Indeed, if our grandparents (known as the “greatest generation,” who lived through World War II and went on to rebuild America) could see the world their great-grandchildren are growing up in today, they’d likely not believe their eyes.  Moreover, they’d likely have something to say about how we, ourselves, are living - and about how we are raising our kids.  I dare say, they would not be too proud of most of us.
   As I look around, I see teens and even pre-teens brashly displaying tattoos and drastic, hideous piercings -- sanctioned - and often paid for - by their parents; in the name of “art” and in the name of “freewill.” These same teens are bombarded on every front with filth and debauchery - from the television and cable programming piped directl ...

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