Now 4-H Wants 'Inclusiveness'

   Recently the Boy Scouts of America made news because they are renaming their cornerstone program. That program which had been historically exclusively for boys went from being “Boy Scouting” to “Scouts BSA.” As reported, the change takes place early next year and is being done to promote “inclusiveness.”

   The decision comes after the Boy Scouts of America decided to admit openly gay-identified boys and adults, transgendered boys and most recently girls into the historically male organization. New logos now include images of both a boy and a girl.  The parent organization will retain “Boy” in its corporate name, “Boy Scouts of America,” more commonly noted as “BSA.”

   The bottom line is the formerly all-boys organization is not that anymore and will permit girls into its programs at all points, whether Cub Scouts, which the BSA website notes as for youth, grades 1-5; Boy Scouts, noted for youth, ages 11-17; Venturing, designated co-ed, ages 14-20;  Sea Scouting described as co-ed, ages 14-20; and Exploring noted for co-ed, ages 10-20.  It’s important to note that all of the BSA programs except “Boy Scouts” are already “gender-neutral” in name.  This coming name change removes the last vestige of gender specificity and exclusivity in the BSA programs.

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