Find the Right Church...How?

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

    Their church, your church, his church, her church, this church, that church. There are thousands of churches to choose from and they all have these things in common. None are listed in the Bible, they are all man made and are all sects. A sect, a denomination, a division are all one in the same. Sectarianism is sin because they are named apart from the body of Christ and what is not of Christ is sin. Christ is not building sects, He is building His church, the body of Christ. 

   In (Matthew 16:18) Jesus was speaking to Peter and referring to Himself said “On this rock I shall build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  (NKJV). It is not wrong to build a building to meet in but it is wrong to name yourselves apart from the body of Christ with names such as so-n-so “Bible Church” or “First Church of Christ” or so-n-so “Pentecostal Church.” Those are all man made and not all the members are saved. His Church is made up of saved sinners and only He can add to it. Only by repentance of sin and belief in Him will anyone be added to His Church.

   Acts 2:40-46 tells us that sinners who received His Word were added to His Church, anyone saved or not can join a sect, but all members of His Church (the body of  Christ) are saved. Jesus said: “Where ever two or thr ...

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