The Importance and Power of the Arts

   God is the Author of all creation, and so therefore, He is also the Author of all CREATIVITY.  “In the beginning, God CREATED…” (Genesis 1:1).
   At the very onset of time, it is the LORD Who imagined, and put into physical form what His thoughts were.  Beginning from His own mind, He formed shapes, colors, and textures into reality. 

   Mankind observes, enjoys, and ponders these “thoughts” of God as they view the created images every day through their eyes. These natural images that we all see around us are, in essence, an inkling of the mind of God: a kind of sampling of His thoughts, His character.

   The images we observe in creation, made by God, are good. Everything God made is meant for good.  “There is no unrighteousness in God,”  (Deuteronomy 32:4; Psalm 92:15). Because of this truth, it would be illogical to think that images, in and of themselves, are bad.  It is the sinful nature of man and his abuse of image-making that pollutes and distorts what was meant for good, thus creating useless and offensive products they call “art.”

   The “art” of God, however, is perfection. Since God is the Originator of all that exists, no one can critique His artwork. It is the primary source or standard from which all other things are judged. God’s art is perfect in beauty, ...

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