WILD Hosts Historic Meetings (Part 2)

Complimentary Story
   The Wise Intentional Leadership Development (WILD)-African dinner was another highlight of for WILD’s Regional Directors (RDs) - (East African region - Edward Baleke, West Africa - David Mulbah, Southern Africa- Henry Mukonda and Asia - Ram Shrestha). The meal could not have had the actual African dish, but it had the African speakers. This time the RDs did not just speak to the Board members but also to all those who were in attendance.

   It was good to have people who have been following and supporting the developments of WILD over the years, but it was also nice to have people who came from far and near to come and hear of WILD for the first time from the African speakers. An organization grows on those principles of the old and new members working together.

   What encouraged me more were the comments which I should call, words of encouragement that the RDs received. The goals of this meeting were graciously achieved. I say so because the challenges were identified and classified. This is an important tool of evaluating an organization when the members identify their common challenges.

   The WILD Board, the International Director, Mike Prom and the RDs, were on the same page considering the way WILD is growing and the sources of funding. WILD should not grow so wide and yet so shallow, but it should have depth by way of member countries owning the vision. This requires a lot of investments in terms of tangible activities such as a school, campsite and a health facility that people can point at. This is equally leadership development   It was very clear that from the RDs points of view the vision is very much taken on by the National Teams but there is need to have a good strategy of implementing it so that growth is stable.

   Possible steps to overcome challenges were also identified. These discussions were very useful thus, the birth of the new WILD strategies. This is a good tool to use when evaluating and preparing the minds of people in a given organization when people are given an opportunity to make contributions towards the well-being of an organization. This was well done during the meetings of the Board and the RDs.

The RDs were very thankful and feel like the Regional Directors’ meetings should be held in the USA and the general summits in Africa. This is not just to show the difference between the RDs and Summit meetings but because of the cultural experience given to the African Directors. For the first time the RDs had to shovel snow. This was not a small amount of snow but record-breaking snow in April. That Sunday most churches were closed.  Then it was time for the RDs to shovel the white stuff out. This experience was unique. Next time we should come in May or June!

   If interested in getting involved with WILD financially, prayerfully or possibly to help train Africans, go to the WILD website, www.wildleadership.org for contact information or email International Director Mike Prom (wildministries@gmail.com).  WILD desired to connect with churches and mission boards to share the ministry and how WILD is strategically involved with the African and Asian people.

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