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Whoa! Conservative journalist and pundit Jason Riley, a black American who works for the Wall Street Journal, had some very hard words for President Obama and his supporters on Wednesday.


The "leader" of supposed Islamic State (IS) supporters in Israel said that the jihadist group will one day rule over the Jewish state and that Jews would be allowed to live in the Islamic Caliphate only if they agreed to convert to the Islam, according an interview aired by Israel'sChannel 10 news on Thursday.


( Hamas has reportedly renewed work on its terror tunnels, using building materials transferred from Israel for the reconstruction of civilian structures in Gaza following this summer’s war.

   Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker is at it again after standing down on subpoenaing pastor’s sermons. We had not heard from her for a few months after she got blasted by pastors and the public following the City Council’s attempts to push through an unlawful “bathroom bill” and the city attorney’s attempts to manipulate signatures in a petition against their illegal actions. However, that has changed. Now she is claiming that the pastors have no right to a jury trial and is calling for a “special master” to investigate.

Would you vote for a THIRD PARTY candidate for president if that candidate honored your Christian faith and values?

YES! We need a strong, honest Christian in the White House.
Yes, but only if it seemed he/she had a real chance to win.
No. A third party will never get enough votes to win.
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